Why Wishes

Wishes Alliance is a research and advocacy NGO dedicated to promoting and facilitating the practice of collaboration among Non Governmental Organizations by engaging organizations in a discourse of collaboration and cooperation, while building agendas for partnerships through our mission of NGO transparency and engagement.

As part of our ongoing passion and mission to initiate collaboration among NGOs in Ghana, we organize and host programs where participating NGOs are provided the opportunity to meet, share best practices, and connect with the objective of building relationships.

What we do

Thinking Together As NGO’s Forum

Through the Wishes Alliance forums, we engage Non Governmental Organizations with one another to share ideas and develop relationships that will lead to actionable partnerships.
Participants gain the tools, partners and inspiration they need to empower communities to thrive and break vicious cycles.

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Index !

We make a lot of effort to find out more about NGOs in Ghana, do frequent surveys to gather accurate information them and in turn provide an Index on our platform for the benefit of NGOs and entities seeking true up-to-date NGO information.