Beneficiary Voices


This is a video series which tackles the most important question in development work: Do governmental and NGO initiatives, which are often thought to empower and enrich a community really do so? Or do they sometimes have little effect on the everyday lives of the underprivileged and in some cases even leave the community worse for wear? Often no one knows. Impact assessments seldom happen and when they do they take the form of impersonal reports and incomprehensible metrics that few people see.

The Beneficiary Voices Video Series is born of the belief that marginalized groups understand their issues better than anyone else and can often hold the key to sustainable solutions. As such, the Beneficiary Voices Video Series is comprised of subject interviews with community members in areas that have been beneficiaries of NGO projects. Ordinary citizens affected by development initiatives express their opinions and concerns and offer feedback to NGO’s and governmental agencies. The short, documentary-style films involve the underprivileged in shaping how they are perceived and ensures that their voices are dominant when their needs are being assessed.

The Beneficiary Voices videos are made readily accessible to NGO’s, donors, corporate sponsors, funding agencies, national policy makers, academic and research institutions, and the general worldwide public in DVD and mp4 format. They are also posted on free video-sharing sites like YouTube to ensure a broad reach. The Beneficiary Voices Series creates a dialogue that helps organizations better understand beneficiary concerns so they can design their projects and tailor their services to meet the actual, relevant needs of underserved communities.

Beneficiary Voices Fadama

We asked members of Fadama community what their thoughts were on NGOs in their community.

Beneficiary Voices Aburi

We asked members in a town of Aburi community what their thoughts were on NGOs in their community.

Promoting NGO Collaboration. Tei Nkwanta community. Ghana

We are passionate about development and sustainable locally-led change. We use Beneficiary Voices videos to enable the poorest people to speak up in a new ...

NGO Collaboration- Jamestown Ghana

This man is one of the local chiefs in James Town, Accra. He gives us a little background of James Town community as well as what NGOs have been doing ...

Promoting NGO Collaboration. James Town, Accra

Asana is a local taylor in the township James Town in Accra. She has lived there all her life. She employs women and younger girls who need a place to stay ...
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