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Our upcoming initiative (and website Phase 2) in need of donor funds.

NIGMT: The NGO Index and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Mapping Tool

The NIGMT project will fix the Ghanaian NGO sector’s problems with accessibility, collaboration, engagement and transparency and introduce a new commitment to open data. According to the Department of Social Welfare 7,000 non-profits have been registered since 1993. How many of them are active? How can they be located? No one knows. How do the people who need them find them? They don’t. There is no mechanism for donors and volunteers to find organizations to support although financial constraints and inadequate staff cripple Ghana’s NGO sector. There is limited NGO collaboration though information transfer, resource consolidation and capacity building are of integral importance. There is no effective system on the ground for humanitarian response in a country where large-scale disasters occur. There is mass duplication of NGO projects resulting in a proliferation of underserved communities because organizations try to fulfill needs that have already been met. NGO’s fly under the radar so there is no transparency about their processes and plans and no accountability to donors or the people they serve. Since there is so little information available on non-profit projects there is no opportunity to engage the communities served and assess efficacy so problems are solved in comprehensive ways with measurable impact.

The NIGMT project will create an interactive platform that brings Ghanaian non-profits into the digital age, marrying technology and advocacy and including Ghanaian NGO’s in the open data revolution. Wishes Alliance will gather data on the projects of all NGO’s and CBO (community-based organizations) initiatives and build a new searchable database index that anyone with a computer, smartphone, and even a feature phone with just SMS features can access. The NIGMT project will develop an interactive map and data visualization tool that provides extensive real-time information on NGO’s and CBO’s and uses crowd-mapping to coordinate relief interventions. The available data will include non-profit’s addresses, GPS coordinates, service sectors, place(s) of operation, mandates, staff size, current and past projects, communities served, community ratings, funding sources and all the other relevant information that can be made publicly available.  There will be a mobile app and a content management service that provides information by SMS. The NIGMT project will provide data on NGO’s and CBO’s to Ghana’s Social Welfare Office to update governmental records. Data collected under NIGMT will provide insights and analytics which local, regional and national governmental officials will utilize to work with NGO’s on comprehensive NGO reform.

Wishes Alliance is actively seeking partners, sponsors and donors that can help it execute this essential exercise. Kindly contact Wishes Alliance at info@wishesalliance.com with any enquiries or interest.



  1. To provide an integrated multimedia solution to information scarcity by enabling people and organizations to pinpoint operating NGO’s and find specifics on the scope of their services.
  2. To provide Ghana’s first system for humanitarian response. To create a constantly monitored and updated service that allows relief organizations and aid efforts to coordinate operations.
  3. To reduce the duplication of NGO services by 50% by 2020.
  4. To cause a 50% increase in collaboration among Ghanaian NGO’s and between NGO’s and governmental, academic and corporate institutions by 2020.
  5. To attract a 50% increase in funding by increasing NGO visibility to donors and philanthropic agencies. To match philanthropic organizations — who often do not donate to African NGO’s because of meagre information on their services and a perception that management of funds and due diligence will be impossible because of the absence of data — with deserving organizations.
  6. To update the Ghana government’s records and work with officials on comprehensive NGO reform.





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