Mapping NGOs and Development Projects in Ghana! (#NIGMT #NGOVisibility)

Our goal is to map NGOs and their projects across the country!

You will be working per region with a team volunteers, each volunteer will be part of a duo being a Noble Volunteer (Ghanaian) to provide access within the community, culture acclimatization, and open up otherwise difficult communication barriers, and a Visiting Volunteer (non-Ghanaian) providing skills and capacity. Volunteers will be posted to different parts of the region and will have a radius to work with and cover over given periods of time. There will be weekly mandatory group meetings held in Accra where ‘best practice’ discussions with other volunteers posted in other areas will be held, including covering subjects of culture sensitivity, re orientation, etc.

You will be responsible for gathering valuable essential registration information of NGOs, and capturing on the ground project description and visualization – this includes working with the team to devise relevant strategies to achieve the goal of accurate and quality data gathering.

What you’ll be doing.

As a Noble /Visiting Volunteer you are expected to communicate clearly and courteously; to develop and maintain positive relationships with NGOs and humanitarian stakeholders, local government officials, field sites and Volunteers, and to work respectfully with colleagues.
Both our Noble and Visiting Volunteers possess good writing skills; be tactful, demonstrable initiative, creativity, and flexibility; ability to work independently and effectively in groups; and strong interpersonal & organizational skills.

  • Participate in Mandatory Trainings held at Wishes Alliance Office in Accra.
  • Work and live in the field collecting surveyed data with GPS coordinates, taking pictures of projects and ensuring NGOs sign – off on the information provided.
  •  Collaborate and give appropriate guide and support to visiting volunteer.
  • Effective communication and generating reports to the Data Collections Coordinator.
  • Working with team to devise relevant strategies for accurate and quality data gathering.
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