The Team

We have a dedicated, committed and energetic Team with keen local and international insights who
revel in problem-solving and consensus building.


Nadia Zeine
Director & Founder

Nadia Zeine is a corporate social responsibility project designer and branding expert with twelve years of non-profit experience. She has developed and spearheaded numerous projects, among them:

  1. The Prison’s Literacy Project, which builds libraries, teaches reading and writing skills, and creates essay-writing competitions for inmates in Ghana’s prisons. The program reduces illiteracy, builds confidence and competence in prisoners and provides monetary donations to the families of prisoners who win the essay competitions.
  2. The Prisoner’s Society Resettlement Project, which is a micro enterprise project that gives ex-prisoners small loans to start businesses and provides them with entrepreneurship training and support. It reduces the marginalization released prisoners feel and reduces their rate of recidivism.
  3. The Kayayei at Home Project, which facilitates the return of abused, struggling and disillusioned female head porters in the capital city to their homes in the north of the country.
    The program supplies seeds and equipment for farming. It helps the women form cooperatives and connects them to markets so they can be economically empowered and contribute to the development of the deprived regions in Northern Ghana.



Dr. Nana Araba Apt

Professor Nana Araba Apt is an internationally recognized scholar and expert on human development issues in Africa. She has over thirty years of experience in the NGO sector and worked for several years in Ghana’s civil service in her position at the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development. She is a frequent consultant to many human development organizations including the U.N. and the African Union’s Commission on Social Development.

She headed two Departments: Sociology and Social Work, at the University of Ghana, Legon. She is Professor Emeritus at Ashesi University.


Dr. Patrick Ata

Dr. Patrick Ata serves as the Managing Director of the Atlantic Group of Companies (Atlantic International Holding Ltd., Atlantic Computers & Electronics Ltd.,
Atlantic Climate Control Ltd. and Atlantic Works Ltd.). Atlantic Group is the Ghanaian shareholder for NEK — an international company specializing in renewable energy — and also a Ghanaian shareholder in Bank of Africa.
He is a corporate social responsibility advocate who serves as a liaison between NGO’s and the corporate sector.

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