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We passionately foster engagement among NGO….. Nadia Zeine. Founder

Wishes Alliance’s dedication to optimal performance and sustainable impact informs its projects and programs. Some of them are: –


Wishes Alliance organizes quarterly events designed to foster collaboration, improve coordination and ensure resource management in the NGO sector. Wishes Alliance holds free or highly-subsidized gatherings comprising of:

  1. Forums: Designated professional events to introduce NGO’s, build community and increase collaboration and information transfer.
  2. Round-Table Discussions: Moderated discussions and panels tailored around specific issues and challenges that the NGO sector works to address.
  3. Skill-Based Trainings: Capacity-building workshops led by highly-qualified trainers on core skills like organizational systems, financial management, evaluation methods, corporate communications, public relations and media outreach.

This NGO Index and GIS Mapping Tool creates a more even playing field in a world where NGO’s have disparate levels of access, visibility and funding because it makes all organizations easy to locate and communicate with. More importantly, it provides the first practical solution to the secrecy and privacy that complicates the Ghanaian NGO landscape and leads to its frequent isolation from the governmental, corporate, academic and international world. Wishes Alliance’s NGO Index and GIS Mapping Tool inspires a culture of accountability and judicious resource management that will have an indelible impact on the country and the region. Plus, it’s dope.


This is a video series which tackles the most important question in development work: Do governmental and NGO initiatives, which are often thought to empower and enrich a community really do so? Or do they sometimes have little effect on the everyday lives of the underprivileged and in some cases even leave the community worse for wear? Often no one knows. Impact assessments seldom happen and when they do they take the form of impersonal reports and incomprehensible metrics that few people see.

The Beneficiary Voices Video Series is born of the belief that marginalized groups understand their issues better than anyone else and can often hold the key to sustainable solutions. As such, the Beneficiary Voices Video Series is comprised of subject interviews with community members in areas that have been beneficiaries of NGO projects. Ordinary citizens affected by development initiatives express their opinions and concerns and offer feedback to NGO’s and governmental agencies. The short, documentary-style films involve the underprivileged in shaping how they are perceived and ensures that their voices are dominant when their needs are being assessed.

The Beneficiary Voices videos are made readily accessible to NGO’s, donors, corporate sponsors, funding agencies, national policy makers, academic and research institutions, and the general worldwide public in DVD and mp4 format. They are also posted on free video-sharing sites like YouTube to ensure a broad reach.
The Beneficiary Voices Series creates a dialogue that helps organizations better understand beneficiary concerns so they can design their projects and tailor their services to meet the actual, relevant needs of underserved communities.



Wishes Alliance spearheads a data gathering exercise across all ten regions of Ghana, gathering information on NGO’s for a searchable index on the Wishes Alliance website. This service provides information on NGO listings, sectors and locations by integrating data from the field into a system that internet users can access with ease. This service allows NGO’s to locate each other for capacity building programs.
It also provides a medium through which community members, donors, volunteers, academics, corporate social responsibility executives and government officials can form relationships with local and international aid organizations, charities and civic societies, relief organizations and non-profits.


Welcome to Wishes Alliance and the ‘Thinking Together as NGOs’ forums where we present and empower collaboration among NGOs in order to better the lives of the people we are here to serve.

Through the Wishes Alliance forums, we engage Non Governmental Organizations with one another to share ideas and develop relationships that will lead to actionable partnerships. Participants gain the tools, partners and inspiration they need to empower communities to thrive and break vicious cycles.

Thinking Together as NGOs Forum always provides a platform for unique interaction.


Facilitating networking amongst like-minded individuals and organizations from across the country and NGO sector.

Promoting open and critical discussion on issues related to development.

Promote collaboration practice.

Share experiences- not just success stories, but failed efforts as well so that we can all learn from past mistakes.

Enhance communication among NGOs in Ghana.

Identify common ground, barriers and ways in which NGOS can push past these barriers in order to facilitate collaboration.


Area Forum

This type of forum uses a geographical community-based approach to reach out to NGOs in Ghana’s districts and sub districts with a focus on building relationships between NGOs in closer proximity in order to increase organization interaction and connectedness.

Regional Forum

Regional Forum has a wider geographic scope and promotes the same interaction about collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork among NGOs with as many participating NGOs each time from one of Ghana’s ten regions.

Subject Forum

Subject Forum brings together NGOs from diverse and all objectives to target specific issues that need urgent attention. Here, imagine the concept of a round table discussion of NGO leaders brainstorming to find a workable solution to a current social problem with the aim of working together using their various area of specialization.

Wishes Alliance believes that cross sectional collaboration is key to solving the issues in communities and society in Ghana.

Together, we can pursue development from different angles to achieve greater results.

Who Participates?

We believe that collaboration can be achieved between many NGOs, no matter their size or capacity.

We request organizations choose 1 or 2 representatives, preferably a director or project heads to join us at our Forums.

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